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News of the Day — 3/15/19

New Science Shows Benefits of Grazing Native Warm-Season Grasses

When it comes to keeping cows fat and happy, the newest available science shows integrating native grasses into grazing lands is a good option for agricultural producers.

A literature review conducted by the University of Tennessee and funded by USDA found strong evidence that using native warm-season grasses caused steers to gain more weight per day and yield more beef per acre, compared with non-native grasses like tall fescue.

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News of the Day — 3/11/19

Saturday, March 23, 2019

See you there!

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News of the Day — 3/7/19


The emerald ash borer has found it’s way to South Dakota. What does this mean for our communities? Read the article written by Dr. John Ball, Professor, SDSU Extension Forestry Specialist & South Dakota Department of Agriculture Forest Health Specialist, (SDSU Agronomy, Horticulture and Plant Science Department). Click on the picture below to view the article.

Emerald Ash Borer

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News of the Day — 3/1/19


Minnehaha CONSERVATION DISTRICT. Have you ever put those two words together and actually thought about what they mean? The word “conservation” isn’t so difficult, but a “conservation DISTRICT”? Why does there have to be a district? And what does a conservation district do, anyway?

The National Association of Conservation Districts has put together an excellent video explaining all of that. This 10-minute video showcases the history and unique journey of the conservation movement, and provides a brief overview of conservation districts and the services they continue to provide to America’s landowners. It features testimonials from farmers, ranchers, and tribal leaders expressing their appreciation for districts as well as their vision for the future. While this video could only scratch the surface of the incredible work the nation’s conservation districts do, it serves as an introduction to the philosophy behind the nation’s conservationists and can be used as an educational tool for the locally-led mission. We not only hope you enjoy from it, we hope you learn from it.

We are at your service!

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News of the Day — 2/26/19


Your tree orders are due by March 6. That’s next week already! It’s time to start thinking about spring planting even if the weather isn’t cooperating! It’s gotta end sooner or later, right? Then you’ll be ready to get outside and SO GLAD you ordered those trees and shrubs! Click on the picture below and start shopping! We’ll be ready; hopefully you will be too!

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News of the Day — 2/16/19

Gene and Craig Stehly, Mitchell, SD

“We can’t continue on the same path; we have to start focusing a lot more on soil health. Soil health isn’t just one thing. It’s a systems approach.  For us it’s combining no-till, crop rotation, cover crops, and planting native grass species in our sensitive areas.” – Craig Stehly

This Profile In Soil Health, featuring Gene and Craig Stehly, recent winners of the SD Soil Health Coalition Legacy Award, is the first of six videos to be released in 2019. Craig and Gene Stehly were honored as the first recipients of this award for their work to improve soil health and water quality on their farm near Mitchell, SD.  The brothers, who have been partners in the operation since the early 1980’s, utilize a systems approach which includes the use of no-till, crop rotation, cover crops, and the planting of native grasses and pollinator friendly plants in sensitive areas. These videos were produced during 2018 through an agreement of the SD Soil Health Coalition with the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, and South Dakota’s Conservation Districts.


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News of the Day — 1/28/19

Here’s our 2019 newsletter!
Feel free to contact us if you want to know more about our services!

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