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News of the Day — 2/21/2020


With the warmer weather this weekend (YAY!!!!) we want to encourage you to get outside and visit our Dewey C Gevik Outdoor Learning Area! There is a ton out there to see, like wildlife and walking trails and signs that explain everything you’re looking at. We wanted to share this photo with you, courtesy of Mick Zerr. What an awesome way to show some of what the Gevik site has to offer! Thanks, Mick!

PS — while your furry kids are welcome to walk with you at the Gevik site, remember that they have to be leashed at all times. The critters who live there will be grateful! Thanks for your understanding and compliance!

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News of the Day — 2/18/2020

LITTLE (1/6)

‘We really wanted to get cattle integrated into our cropland and put more into the soil [so that it] will give back to us.’ See how these forward-thinking, South Dakota farmers started experiencing the benefits of soil health through a change in their approach to grazing.

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News of the Day — 2/15/2020


Join us and our partners in raising awareness about this extremely important resource.
  • Agriculture is the economic driver of South Dakota, contributing 132,105 jobs, 11.2 billion dollars in total value added, and 32.5 billion dollars in total output.
  • Farmers and ranchers have seen a need to increase awareness of the importance of our soils as a state resource, promoting management practices that increase its health and productivity.
  • Healthy soil can create many advantages including improving water infiltration and retention to better manage the effects of flood or drought, filtering and cleaning water that moves through it, decreasing soil loss due to erosion by wind or water.
Interested in materials to promote the day? Access a Media Kit here, contact us, or visit the South Dakota Soil Health Coalition website at

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News of the Day — 2/12/2020


Please take the time to read it so you can see what we’ve been up to! As always, if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions for us, please let us know! You can find the newsletter HERE.

You’ll notice a QR code on the last page of the newsletter. We want your feedback on any environmental concerns you may have. We’ll use the information provided by you to apply for grants and develop local resources. Scan the QR code below, or visit to let us know what’s important to you.

How to scan the QR code:
1. On your smart phone, launch your camera or download a free barcode scanner app.
2. Point your phone to scan the code.
3. Connect to the website and complete the survey.

This should take you five minutes tops! We want to hear from you — THANK YOU!

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News of the Day — 2/7/2020

February 11, 2020
5:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Humboldt Fire Hall, Humboldt, SD

Join us for our Agronomy Kickoff as we highlight what NEW things Humboldt Farmers Elevator Company has to offer in preparation for the spring of 2020. We will have presentations by the NRSC on current programs, issues, and conservation practices.


5:30 pm — Registration
6:00 pm — Supper and demonstrations by the NRCS
7:00 pm — Agronomy Kickoff presentation by Jen LaVoy
7:30 pm — Presentation on available programs
8:00 pm — Discussion and questions

RSVP by stopping in or calling the elevator at 605-363-3011.


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News of the Day — 2/4/2020

Anderson Family, Lemmon, SD

“Since we instituted some conservation practices, over 90% of the formerly bare clay pans areas have something growing on them. We are trying to improve this place for the next generations.” – Chuck Anderson

2020 Grassland Stewardship Communications Project Partners: South Dakota State University, Audubon Dakota, Ducks Unlimited, Partners for Fish and Wildlife, SD Game, Fish and Parks, The Nature Conservancy, Pheasants Forever, SD Soil Health Coalition, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, and SD Grassland Coalition.


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News of the Day — 1/29/2020


South Dakota’s wildlife officials are hoping to receive $10 million from legislation pending in Congress to protect 104 species in the state that are vulnerable to extinction.

South Dakota Wildlife Federation Executive Director Chris Hesla said the funding would allow the state to step up efforts to keep species off the endangered list.

“Things like butterflies, bats, box turtles, and blue suckers here in South Dakota, and even the Greater Prairie Chicken, which was a game animal, but right now it’s so sparse, it doesn’t have habitats to live,” Hesla said.

In all, the Recovering America’s Wildlife Act would allocate about $1 billion annually to wildlife conservation efforts if it passes. KELO-TV reported last month that state agencies have identified about 12,000 species nationwide that would benefit from the funding.

Officials in Western states share authority with tribal nations for managing wildlife. But federal funds currently go almost entirely to state fish and wildlife agencies, the television station reported. The proposed legislation would improve conservation efforts on tribal lands, said Shaun Grassel, a biologist with the Lower Brule Sioux Tribe.

“Each tribe can develop their own ‘species of greatest conservation need’ list,” Grassel said. “So, what I keep telling folks, it’s landmark legislation for tribes. For the states, it’s a significant piece of legislation — but for tribes, it’s landmark.”

Grassel said the funding would also allow the Lower Brule Tribe to keep up efforts to save the black-footed ferret — considered North America’s rarest mammal. The animal nearly went extinct but tribes worked with the U.S. Forest Service to save it.

“This is a project that has national significance, where the tribe voluntarily stepped up to be a partner with the federal government to recover ferrets,” he said. “But we have no idea where our funding’s going to be from one year to the next.”

The bill has more than 130 co-sponsors, both Democrats and Republicans. South Dakota Republican Rep. Dusty Johnson has not taken a position.



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