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News of the Day — 8/30/17

Save the Date: The 2017 Mayors Water Summit


When: September 20th, 2017 1-6 PM (Times Subject to Change)

Where: Watertown Event Center (1901 9th Ave SW, Watertown, SD)

Who: Industry professionals, engineers, educators, students, & individuals interested in the water quality of the Big Sioux River.

The Mayors Big Sioux River Water Summit represents a cornerstone of the City of Sioux Falls’ water quality initiatives as it creates an opportunity to bring watershed stakeholders together to work to improve and conserve the Big Sioux River as a natural resource.

The fifth annual Mayors Big Sioux River Water Quality Summit will be held at the Watertown Event Center in Watertown, SD. The goal of this summit is to focus on the Big Sioux River as a whole. Outside communities rely on the Big Sioux River just as much as Sioux Falls. By moving this year’s summit to Watertown, we have the opportunity to expand on what the summit has provided in Sioux Falls and other communities along the Big Sioux River. This event is free and open to the public.


 If you are interested in attending the event and would like to do so on a bus chartered by the City, please email Deadline is September 4th.

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News of the Day — 8/8/17

We wanted to share with you a great article from the iGrow August 2017 newsletter. If you have stressed corn this year, the article provides several ideas that may be helpful to you. PLEASE CLICK HERE to view the article.

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