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News of the Day — 7/16/14

We’ve got a special sale for native perennials and grasses going! Please click here for the order form to print and fill out. Just for clarification, a 300# pot is about the size of an ice cream pail and the cost is $10.75 / pot.


If you have any questions, give John a call at 605-370-3480. Happy planting!



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News of the Day — 7/4/14

Did you know that the EPA is considering changes to the rules that govern the waters of the United States? How will this affect agricultural producers and conservation practices? Now is the time to become more informed and offer your input. Comments on agricultural exemptions are accepted until 7/7/14, and formal comments can be submitted until 10/20/14. Here are links to resources that will help you understand what’s going on:


Waters of the U.S. Proposed Rule

Questions and Answers About Waters of the U.S.

An excellent blog post that explains the proposed changes and how they will (or will not) affect agricultural producers



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