We have a report on the 2015 Area and Regional Land Judging Contests. Congratulations to all who participated, well done to those in charge, and good luck to those continuing on to the Nationals!

2015 Area and Regional Land Judging Contests

We had another successful land judging event yesterday with the FFA students! Seventeen schools participated, with a total of 161 participants. The top five scoring schools were McCook Central, Lennox, Rutland, Parker, and Marion. Well done, kids!

From the South Dakota Land Judging book:

“Land judging consists of measuring soil and land properties in the field, interpreting them, and then making intelligent land management decisions based on the measured and interpreted properties.

The ultimate objective in land judging is land classification. Once land is classified, you can make intelligent decisions concerning its use and management.”

If you would like to know more about how the land judging contest is conducted, the book can be viewed in its entirety HERE.


This article has been quite popular this season, so we thought we’d post it for you here. Hopefully you’ll find it useful! Please click on the link below:

Agriculture Tips and Plant Skydd


We have two great events coming up that we wanted you to be aware of!

The first is a Soil Health and Cover Tour to be held on September 8 at Al Miron’s farm. This event starts at 11:45 am and lunch is provided. Participants will be evaluating cover crops for beneficial soil health properties and forage/feed value for grazing livestock. There are four additional tours being offered on different dates. For more information regarding the locations, topics, and speakers, PLEASE CLICK HERE. Please note the names and contact information for your RSVP.

Sponsors for this event include:



The second event is a presentation about pollinator habitats and their importance, changes on the landscape, and how important it is to include pollinators in your planning. There will be a social gathering at 6:30 pm, and the presentation will start at 7:00 pm. MORE INFORMATION CAN BE FOUND HERE.

Sponsors for the Pollinator Habitats Presentation are:


These two events are going to be great and full of useful, practical information! Please plan to attend!

We’ve just posted an excellent article explaining the right way to plant trees. The article includes information about

  • Where to plant
  • Planting bare root trees
  • Planting evergreens
  • When you plant in the fall
  • Planting a lot of tree seedlings
  • The value of mulch

Click here to read the full article (posted under Resources/Helpful Articles). We hope you will find this to be helpful! If you have questions or would like more information, please call the office at 605-336-1527 or email John at john.d.parker@sd.nacdnet.net.



The excess tree sale will be held at the shed on Thursday, June 18th from 3:30 to 6:00 p.m. and again on Friday, June 19th from 3:30 to 6:00 p.m.  The price will be $3.00/tree, or a bundle of the same species for $60.00 plus tax. The sale is first come, first served — no pre-pays will be taken.

For a list of available trees and quantities, PLEASE CLICK HERE.

The shed is located at 1120 E 72nd St N, Sioux Falls, SD 57104.

Directions: 2 miles south of the Renner corner, or 3/4 mile north of I-90 and Cliff on the west side of the road.


Here’s another great article on converting prairie to cropland:

Plowing prairies for grains:
Biofuel crops replace grasslands nationwide

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Photo credit: Tyler Lark


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